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Pizza is all about possibilities. With an endless variety of topping and crust combinations, it`s no wonder pizza has gained such widespread popularity. Pizza can be cooked in a regular oven, but the best tasting pizzas usually come out of specially designed pizza ovens. Traditionally a pizza oven is a large oven that is capable of being heated to high temperatures. The term pizza oven is misleading. Pizza ovens are quite versatile and can be used to cook many things including large dessert pans. Pizza ovens are a great option for cooking either homemade or store-bought pizza.

However, there are many different types of pizza ovens for you to choose from. They all cook things a little differently and can really affect the taste and texture of the final cooked product. Some pizza ovens cook a little bit faster. Some need to warm up for a bit before you start to use them to cook anything to allow them to cook evenly. Some you can just put the pizza or other food item in the pizza oven, and turn it on to start cooking immediately. Even the same type of pizza ovens may vary significantly by brand type. You can find information and product reviews written by people who have use the products you are thinking about buying. It may also depend on what type of pizza you enjoy. Either way, with a little research you can find the perfect pizza oven for you and your needs, at a price that you can be happy with.

Generally pizza ovens come in gas or electric styles or wood fired model. Coals have even been used as a heating source. Wood fired pizza ovens are considered superior by some, but a tasty pizza can be produced by just about any style of pizza oven. Try this incredible new discovery: Cone Pizza!

Commercial pizza ovens are popular in restaurants, whether for catering or just feeding the general public. Does your dream kitchen include a pizza oven Pizza lovers who want to enjoy restaurant quality pizza at home can purchase personal use pizza ovens or build their own ovens from scratch. The popularity of pizza practically guarantees that pizza ovens will continue to heat up the mealtime scene for years to come. Find great French Recipes here.

Pizza ovens come in different shapes and sizes. It would range from the very traditional to the most modern like our regular ovens he see in our next door bakeries. But one thing is very much common in such ovens is their sizes. Its size has to accommodate big size pizzas like a 24 incher pie or a regular 18 inch pie. And for commercial purposes, it has to accommodate at least 4 pies of a double decked type would do for modern pizza ovens. These ovens have different types of fuel used. Modern ovens use an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) but traditional ovens like the clay brick type oven use wood and for every type of wood you use gives different flavors to your pizza.

The floor of a pizza oven is not like your regular grill type rack in your home oven. Pizza ovens floor has to be flat. Cooking the pizza is placing the whole pie directly into directly flat on the floor. This allows the pie to retain its flat bottom and can be turned around with ease. But some place a pan into the crust for thicker dough but the same principle is done but in this case a pan was used to compensate for the flat surface. These Ovens cook by convection type. Heat goes around the oven before going out into the chimney or exhaust in traditional ovens.

Modern ovens work with the same principle. Pizza ovens have big opening to allow the cook to introduce a big wooden paddle to turn the pizza by sliding it underneath the pizza and turning it. Modern pizza ovens though now have a thermostat to set at what type of heat you want your pizza to cook. But, on the other hand traditional pizza ovens use instincts and experience in the flame. All you have to do is take out the burning wood if it is too hot or if you want more heat then you add more wood or you shove the fire a wee bit closer to the pizza. And with regards to time, modern pizza ovens have timers to tell you but with traditional ovens dont have such and it all boils down to the bakers instinct and experience.

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